Who’s Who in Gordon’s Diary


Mother:  Jane Louisa Harry.  She was born Jane Louisa Hill on 27 October 1847 in Keig, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  She is sometimes referred to as Jeannie.  At the beginning of October 1851, she sailed on the barque ‘Charlotte Jane’ to Australia, with her parents and younger sister.  The Hill family arrived at Port Adelaide on 14 January 1852.  Her father was recorded as an agricultural labourer.  The family settled near Gawler, South Australia.  Jane married Eardley Thomas Louis Heywood on 16 December 1868 in Gawler Presbyterian Church in south Australia.  He died 19 days after Gordon’s birth in 1877.  Jane married Captain Thomas Row Harry in Australia on 12 February 1886 and two days later the couple, along with Gordon, travelled by sea to England.

Jane died on 30 June 1928 in Dulwich, Surrey, although her home address was in St Ives, Cornwall.

Charlotte:  Sometimes referred to as Mrs Griffin.  Her father was Captain Thomas Row Harry and her mother Billingda Pearson.  She was born Catherine Charlotte Blyth Harry in 1869 in St Ives.  Her mother died suddenly when she was 14 and her father married Gordon’s mother in 1886.  Charlotte married Rev Richard Edward Griffin on 14 September 1892 and they lived at St John’s Vicarage in Halestown, near St Ives.  It is now the Old Vicarage Guest House.

Charlotte died on 13 March 1921 in St Ives, Cornwall.

Rev Griffin and Charlotte 1898

Rev Griffin, Charlotte, their daughter, Ia and Laura, the donkey.  Photo taken outside the Vicarage, 1898 (Reproduced with permission from Old Vicarage Guest House)

Cissy:  Sister to Charlotte (above).  Her name was Michal Row Harry. Her father was Captain Thomas Row Harry and her mother Billingda Pearson.  On the Ancestry website, she appears in another person’s family tree as ‘Aunty Cissy’ and this ties in with the ‘Cissy’ Gordon mentions in his diary.  She was born in 1866 in St Ives and is living at 10 Barnoon Terrace at the time of the diary.  Cissy did not marry and died in St Ives on 23 December 1948.

Morwenna:  She was aged seven at the time of the diary.  She shared a mother with Gordon but her father was Captain Thomas Row Harry.  Her full name was Morwenna Margaret Eardley Harry.  Her parents had married on 12 February 1886 in Australia and Morwenna was born on 14 October 1886 in St Ives, Cornwall, England. According to an Australian newspaper report, they made the journey on the ‘Hesperus’ which was Captain Harry’s ship.  This left Adelaide on 14 February 1886, two days after the wedding, and arrived in London on 12 June 1886.

Morwenna married James Wearne Cock (1884-1941) in 1914.  She died in Surrey on 17 April 1964.

Mamie:  Mamie Coom Heywood was born in Australia in 1883.  According to Andrew’s Newspaper Index Cards, she was brought to England by Captain Harry and raised as a member of his family at St Ives.  It was believed that she was illegitimate.  Mamie didn’t marry and died in St Ives on 21 December 1949.

Captain:  The second husband of Gordon’s mother.  He was born Thomas Row Harry in St Ives, Cornwall in 1835.  He had three children (son, two daughters) by his first wife, Billingda Pearson, who died in 1883.  He was a JP and Mayor of St Ives.  Captain Harry was a Master Mariner.  He was at sea during much of the 1894 diary but Gordon records his visits home to St Ives, although in no detail.

Captain Harry died on 3 November 1918 in St Ives, Cornwall.

Mr Griffin:  Rev Richard Edward Griffin, husband of Charlotte (see above).  The Cornishman newspaper from September 1892 records:

“On a few former occasions has St Ives presented a more gay and festive appearance than it did on Wednesday last, all the principal streets, the church tower, and other prominent places being gaily decorated with a profusion of bunting and evergreens.  The occasion was the marriage of the former esteemed curate of St Ives, now vicar of Halsetown, the Rev Richard Edward Griffin MA, to Miss Charlotte Blythe Harry, second daughter of Capt T R Harry, pilot commissioner, etc.  The ceremony took place in the parish church, the vicar, Rev J Balmer Jones MA, rural dean, officiating.  The service was fully choral, the one selected being the same as used in St Paul’s Cathedral.”


Mr Jones:  He features a lot; visiting Gordon’s home and Gordon visiting him.  He was Rev John Balmer Jones, the Vicar of St Ives at the time of the diary.  He was born in 1837 in London.  Rev Jones was curate at St Ives parish church 1863-66 and Vicar from 1869 to his death.  He was also honorary canon of Truro cathedral.  He died suddenly, from heart disease, in Marazion, Cornwall on 2 March 1901

Mr Charles Jones:  In 1894 he was the Curate at the parish church of St Ives.  Full name Rev Charles Frederick Jones.  Born in Shropshire in 1867.

Harvey Pool:  Frequently mentioned, sometimes getting into schoolboy scrapes.  He was baptised Henry Harvey Pool on 4 December 1877 at Phillack and his father, Captain Francis Pool, was a retired master mariner.  They lived at Station Villa, Hayle.  Harvey died at 22 Quinsan Gardens, Shanghai, China on 25 February 1910, aged 33.  The North China Herald dated 4 March 1910 reports that he had been living in China for about 13 years and was an Assistant Inspector in the Health Department.  He had been 2nd and 3rd Engineer on the str Kiangteen.  Harvey died after taking an accidental overdose of morphine (chlorodyne).

John Hodge:  A school friend, sometimes referred to as Johnny Hodge.  There is a John Hodge mentioned in Cornishman newspaper report, 8 August 1895 obtaining a Preliminary Pharmaceutical qualification at Hayle Grammar School at the same time that Gordon is mentioned.  In 1911 he was a Chemist Shopkeeper, living at Market Place, St Ives with his wife and young son.

William Smales:  Gordon sometimes referred to him as Willie.  His full name was William Clayton Smales.  They are school friends and Gordon writes to him in the school holidays.  He was born on 27 August 1879 in Ludgvan, Cornwall.  Gordon gives his address as Mount View House, Ludgvan, Longrock, Cornwall.  His father was a farmer.  William became a doctor and died in 1971.

Joe Dunn:  Gordon gives his address as Fraddam, near Hayle.  He was born Joseph Edward Phillips Dunn in 1876.  Later in life he became an ‘Elementary Certified Teacher’ and was living at Fraddam in 1911.  He married in 1914.  He died on 1 November 1944 in Cornwall, having lived at Trevarth, Lanner, near Redruth.

Barter: Harold George Barter.  Gordon gives his address as 83 Bartholomew Road, London NW.  He was born in 1878 in Forest Gate, Essex.  His father was a Vicar.  How did Gordon know him?  He was a chemist’s assistant in 1901 and a laundry proprietor with a wife and five children in 1911.  He died in 1960 in Hampshire.

Percy Toy:  Probably William Percy Toy, who was born in 1880.  His father was a builder and he also became a house builder.

Martin Cock:  Gordon’s friend who sometimes travels to school with him and also is at the Vicarage for a ‘class’.  He was baptised Martin Osborne Cock on 16 March 1879.  Gordon’s half-sister, Morwenna, married Martin’s brother, James Wearne Cock.  Martin became a master printer and editor of the St Ives Times.  Martin died on 11 January 1940 in Cornwall.

Cecil Hill:  Gordon gives Cecil’s address as The Lizard Hotel, The Lizard.  They exchange postcards.  Cecil was born in 1878, so a contemporary of Gordon’s.  Cecil’s father was a farmer and hotel proprietor.  When Cecil died, in 1942, his address was Hydro Hotel, Falmouth.  This is now The Royal Duchy Hotel.

John Eadie:  Gordon gives his address as 13 Twistle Terrace, Meckleriggs, Paisley, Scotland.  His father was William Eadie, an artist who had lived in St Ives.

Val:  William Valentine Wagner, son of Mr Wagner, the Headmaster of Hayle Grammar School.  He was born in Phillack, Cornwall in 1882.  He was ordained and instituted Vicar of Mylor, Cornwall in 1936.

Everett:  Gordon’s friend Everett Staines Monson.  He was born in 1879 in Hayle.  He married Fanny Louisa Northcott on 23 July 1906.  By 1911 he was a tea dealer, still living in Hayle.  Everett served in the First World War.  He died on 18 December 1942 in Hayle, Cornwall, aged 63.

Sidney Michell:  Gordon gives his address as Belle Vue, Hayle.  He was a scholar at Hayle Grammar School.

Daniel:  Daniel Hills Dawson, born 1877.  Gordon gives his address as Trewhiddle, St Austell.  He became a carpenter and died in 1962 in Weston-Super-Mare.


Mr Wagner:  He was the Headmaster of Hayle Grammar School where Gordon was a weekly boarder.  He was William Wagner, who had been born in Ireland.  He died on 30 November 1937.  His address was Grammar School, 3 Station Villas, Hayle.  He founded Hayle Grammar School and, according to The Cornishman, dated 17 February 1938, he was the headmaster for 54 years.

Mr Cock:  Shorthand teacher.  His name was George Thomas Cock and he had been born in Fowey, Cornwall in 1854.  The first 96 pages of the Pitman’s Shorthand and Typewriting Year Book and Diary for 1894 contain information about shorthand, where it is taught, etc.  Gordon has underlined Mr G T Cock, Penzance School of Shorthand and, in the list of certificated teachers G T Cock, 57 Belgravia Street, Penzance.  He died in 1942 in Cornwall.


Mr and Mrs Fuller:  Probably Edmund George Fuller, the artist, and his wife, Emma.  They also lived in Barnoon Terrace, St Ives.

Mr Hebblethwaite:  The artist William James Hebblethwaite (1851-1899), who lived at Blue Bell House, St Annes Street, St Ives in the 1891 census.  He is noted as having changed attitudes towards animal welfare in St Ives.  According to the Cornwall Artists’ Index, “His particular objectives were to prevent the wanton cruelty ‘that was often inflicted upon birds and animals by the locals, especially by the children of the fisherfolk’ who amused themselves by shooting gulls along the cliff and harbour”.

Mr Barlow:  John Noble Barlow, an artist who had settled in St Ives in 1891.  According to the Cornwall Artists’ Index, in 1894 he was living at 9 Barnoon Terrace, next door to Gordon Heywood.  Barlow lived there until 1898.

Mr Grier – Louis Grier (1864-1920).  The Cornwall Artists’ Index records that he ran a painting school in St Ives.  “Louis was known as a party-goer, fun-loving and social person, who sported striking clothing, including a black cape and high boots.”


Mrs Read:  Jane Elizabeth Read, who lived with her family at Albany Terrace, St Ives.  Her husband, Robert Sawle Read JP, was a friend, a ship builder, and one of Captain Harry’s executors.

Mr and Mrs Staff:  Dr George Thomas Albert Staff JP and local Medical Officer, and his wife, Mary Staff.

Mr Hunt:  The shorthand outline is definitely for ‘Hunt’ rather than ‘Hain’ but I haven’t been able to locate a Mr Hunt in St Ives at that time.

Miss Dupen:  Miss Ellen Dupen, from the private school at Tregenna Hill, St Ives.

Mrs Lang:  Probably Miss Maggie Lang, a dress maker who lived in St Ives.

Mr Docton: Docton & Son were tailors in the High Street, St Ives.

Sampsons:  Mrs Joanna Sampson was a draper in Fore Street, St Ives.

Old Anthony:  John Bray Anthony, a watchmaker, who died on 5 January 1894, as recorded by Gordon.

Mrs Hughes:  Is this Miss Hughes who lived in Talland Road, St Ives

Mrs Hackman:  The Hackman family lived next-door-but-one to the Harry family (including Gordon Heywood) in the 1891 census.  Mrs Hackman’s full name was Sarah Elizabeth Ann Hackman and she had been born in Teignmouth, Devonshire in 1850, so she was in the same age group as Gordon’s mother.  Her husband was a retired navigating Lieutenant.  In the Addresses section of Gordon’s diary, he gives her address as 2 Cottesmore Villas, Barnes, London SW.  He writes to her and also waters her flowers (perhaps looking after the garden while she’s in London?).

Mrs Pascoe:  She was a grocer in St Ives.

Fraser and Bruce Eadie:  They were sons of William Eadie, artist.

Spray:  Sidney Phillips Spray was the watch maker in St Ives’ High Street.





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