Gordon’s Writing

No prizes for guessing what Gordon wrote in his shorthand diary on 27 November 1894:


Yes, this was ‘my birthday’.  Gordon was born in 1877 in North Adelaide, Australia.  For more about him, read About Gordon 

Gordon wrote his full name several times in his shorthand diary.  Here’s an example on a page which has an advertisement for a magnificent-looking typewriter.  Notice the paper which is held in a very unusual position.


He wrote his full name with some ornamentation on another page.  This also reveals that his mother gave him the diary on 7 December 1893.gordons-name-in-shorthand-2

Gordon mentions his Swan fountain pen in the diary.  Could it be this one?


Helpfully, Gordon kept a Register of Letters.  This reveals that he did indeed write to Mabie, Todd and Bard, on 29 January 1894 for a Swan fountain pen.register-of-letters-2-2

What of the other people listed in Gordon’s Register of Letters?  Information about them can be found at Who’s Who in Gordon’s Diary


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  1. Nicholas S McGinn · · Reply

    Gordon must have been excited at the prospect of getting a superior Swan fountain pen after no doubt using a dipping pen. I am rediscovering the tactile joys of using fountain pens for my letters and journal of the doings of our grandchildren. Having written letters for a living as a lawyer, I nevertheless love writing them in ink with bespoke letterhead line drawings. You can virtually oblige the recipient to read your opinions on any given topic – and occasionally you get the satisfying plop of a fat reply touching down on the doormat.

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