Easter 1894


Easter Sunday was early in 1894 – 25th March.  Gordon attended church twice and reported that it was crowded.  The next day was a Bank Holiday and Gordon kept himself busy:

Easter Monday entry

‘In the morning went to Mr Pearce to tell him to send a crate.  Went on the pier and saw the boats going out.  Planted the seeds and potatoes in the bottom garden.  And watered Mrs Hackman’s flowers.  Wound up the clocks and old grandfather’s clock.  The bazaar for the fire brigade at the Board School.  Mother and Cissy taking part.  In the evening a concert in which Cissy and Mr Jones took part.  I wrote out a thing for the competition.’

A report of the bazaar from the Royal Cornwall Gazette of 29th March 1894 states that, ‘The rooms looked exceedingly pretty . . .’  Gordon’s mother and Cissy (his step-sister) are listed as helping on the Fancy work stall.  ‘Other attractions included a fine-art gallery (a valuable collection of pictures by the St Ives artists), a museum, gipsy in tent, galvanic battery, lemonade well, fish pond, automatic machine, and vocal, instrumental and orchestral concerts.’

Gordon does not actually say that he went to the bazaar himself but he had double underlined his shorthand outlines for ‘The bazaar in aid of the fire brigade’ in the margin.  Was that because of how much he enjoyed the galvanic battery and other attractions?

Read more of the transcript of Gordon Heywood’s 1894 shorthand diary here and about Gordon here.


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