Gordon Heywood’s 1894 Diary

Edmund Eardley Gordon Heywood, known as Gordon, was born in North Adelaide, Australia on 27 November 1877 and died on 27 May 1950 in Zeehan, Tasmania.

On 7 December 1893, Gordon’s mother gave him the Pitman’s Shorthand and Typewriting Year Book and Diary for 1894.  They were living at 10 Barnoon Terrace, St Ives, Cornwall, England at the time.  Gordon was learning shorthand, amongst other subjects, at Hayle Grammar School, where he was a weekly boarder.  He wrote diary entries, in shorthand, for almost every day from 15 December 1893 to 14 May 1894 and a few others at random, eg Christmas Day, 1894: ‘A lovely day.  Went to early service.  In the morning went down on pebble beach.  Charlotte and Mr Griffin came to dinner.  We had goose and 2 fowls.  Some preserved fruit.’ 

I bought the diary on eBay in October 2015 and have had the pleasure of transcribing it and researching Gordon’s life.  How did he come to be living in St Ives, Cornwall?  Who were the many people he mentions in the diary?  What happened to Gordon after the time of the diary?

Here is the transcribed diary and some answers to the questions.  My research continues. 

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